Royal Guard Pillow Protectors and Dust Mite Covers by Queen Anne Pillow (2 Pack fits Standard/Queen)

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Protect your pillows and your health with Queen Anne Pillow’s Royal Guard Pillow Protectors . Our dust mite covers stop mites and bed bugs at the gate. Our tightly spun polyester keeps natural feathers inside and synthetic fibers fresh and clean. Overtime, body oils and fluids breakdown pillows – releasing potential allergens and causing pillows to lose their shape. Dirty pillows are also a perfect nesting spot for bed bugs and dust mites. Stop bugs at the gate with Queen Anne’s Royal Guard Pillow Protectors . CloseTite Zipper for Maximum Seal. Two (2) Pack, Color: White, Size: Fits both Standard/Queen Size Pillows. Care Instructions: Wash and tumble dry separate or with light linens. Wash before first use. Machine wash only. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low heat or hang and air dry.