Alzip Mat GGURUGI Sofa, Infant Kids Children Sofa Light Safe Comfort, Flip Open Foam Sofa, All Ages, 24.4" x 17.3" x 19.6", Cream

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High Quality Kids Sofa made of non-toxic PU fabric, which is humidity-adjustable, water proof, well-ventilated and stretch.The PU fabric is made of non-chemical process.
Manufactured in Korea, and certified by OECO-TEX international standard for textile and clothing sold in Europe.
PU fabric is very comfortable for kids when they sit on the sofa, and the seat, armrest and back are also covered by cushy material.
The seat can be folder, for toddler to stretch and sit comfortably.
To make it easier for the child to use the sofa, the handle, and the storage space next to the sofa were made for consideration. Light weight for child to carry 3kg.